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In Perth, we’re fortunate enough to enjoy a beautiful climate and great weather most of the year. But, leaving our doors and windows open to let the warm sun and cooling breezes in can leave us exposed to unwanted guests, like insects and burglars.

Installing security doors and security screens on your doors and windows is a great way to safely bring the outdoors in and keep your home secure at all times. It means your loved ones and valuable possessions will be safe, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy more important things in life.

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Benefits of Security Screens

We recommend security screens as a security essential as they offer great protection for you and your family. Crimsafe mesh security screens are low-key, protective and functional, making them a beneficial addition to any home or commercial building.

Security screens are:

  • Easily installed: Traditional fixed security screens and easy to open Safe-S-Scapes window screens can be easily installed or retrofitted on existing windows as protection for your existing windows.
  • Strong and durable: Window screens and security doors from Clearview Security are built to last. With Crimsafe’s Screw-clamp security not only are they tested to withstand heavy impact – both blunt and sharp – our Crimsafe security doors and screens are backed by a 12+ year warranty.
  • Secure: Security doors that have a three-point locking system are tough and hardy, offering ultimate security and giving you greater peace of mind. Screens are installed with a Crimsafe exclusive security screw not a generic bunnings available shape.
  • Ventilation and Light: The security mesh welcomes both sunlight and breezes, meaning you can still enjoy airflow and natural light behind the safety of a locked window or door.


Security Screens vs Traditional Fly Screens

Security screens offer many of the same benefits as fly screens. They are effective at keeping insects and bugs at bay, allow for airflow and natural light, When compared to a security screen, fly screens are considerably more affordable.

However, security screens have all the features outlined above, as well as additional safety benefits.

While fly screens are good at keeping out bugs, they don’t stand a chance against burglars and intruders.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Western Australia alone saw 18.5% of all burglaries that took place in Australia in 2017. With a total of 231, 100 households in Australia experienced a break-in whilst 205, 400 homes experienced an attempted break-in.

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So, if you want to protect your home and loved ones, security screens are a solid choice over fly screens.


Why Choose Clearview Security?

Top products:

Our Crimsafe security doors and screens, and 3M window films are the strongest and most reliable security products in Perth and Australia. They will protect your home and your loved ones from thieves and would-be-burglars.

Satisfaction Guarantee:

Clearview Security only carries products we would use in our own homes. We’re confident you’ll trust and love our products as much as we do. Plus, there’s the added benefit that all Crimsafe products come with a 12 or 15 year guarantee.


Our team has an intimate understanding of all our products as well as extensive experience in the home security industry. It’s why we’re well placed to help you select a product that perfectly services your home.


Security Screens Cost

Each home is different, so the installation, style, and finish of security windows and security doors will need to be tailored to your specific needs.

To get a start on making your home safer and more secure, contact our friendly team. They’ll be more than happy to define a specification and provide you with an accurate and informed quote.

Request a free online quote or contact us today.

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